Getting started

Study psychology in Landau? You are welcome.

Landau. Of course, such a decision is not such an easy one to make. You may start your studies in a town that barely anyone knows. (Only the ones living in the area love it and want to stay.)
One important argument for you decision could be the kind of guidance and support that is offered to students. In this respect, Landau is a very good choice because we have a number of supportive measures that will help you get started fast and that will enable you to complete your studies quickly and effectively. Here are some examples for measures we provide for incoming students:
  • In the orientation phase – before classes actually start - you are invited to get to know the university and the city together with other students who have already spent some time here in Landau.
  • During Orientation Week, the members of the faculty present themselves in an introduction session. They provide detailed information about each study subject, report about their research interests, and students have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.
  • The mentoring program starts as soon as the lecture period begins. Senior students provide guidance and advice to first-semester students in a group setting of ca. 15 persons. Here they can discuss topics that will help them to adjust to student life more easily, to complete their course assignments, and to pass their exams.