Lateral entry and transfer

Lateral Entry and Transfer

Lateral entrance, transfer and swapping university places in the Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program at the University of Koblenz-Landau

The term „lateral entry" ("Quereinstieg") is used for the admission of prospective students who do not have a university place for a B.Sc. program in psychology in a higher semester. With this procedure, it is possible to fill vacancies in higher semesters. A legally enforceable right to be admitted does not exist.
The term „transfer“ ("Studienplatzwechsel") is used for the admission of prospective students into a higher semester who have been admitted to a B.Sc. Psychology Program at another university.
This way, vacant university places can be filled with transfer students and lateral entry students if they fulfill the prerequisites for entering the desired semester of study. Transfer students have priority over applicants for lateral entry. There is no legally enforceable right to transfer from one university to another.

If two swapping partners are in the same semester and comparable courses of study in psychology, then the transferring students can exchange university places if the candidates have the required academic achievements and can document the relevant credits.

We would like to remind you that both lateral entry and transference are only possible if there are free capacities in the respective semester of study. Unfortunately this ist very seldom the case, if ever, in Landau. In the case of swapping, however, this is not necessary.
Student transfer or lateral entry into the B.Sc. program psychology in Landau is possible in winter term in semester 3 and 5, in summer term in semester 2.,  4., and 6.

Requirements and documentation

In order for students to transfer to a higher semester or to apply for lateral entry in the B.Sc. Psychology Program in Landau they must submit proof that their academic achievements largely correspond to the requirements stated in the module handbook (B.Sc. Psychology Koblenz-Landau) for the respective subject semester.
The successfully completed modules must be comparable to those offered at the University of Koblenz-Landau. Every module which has been completed in a regular B.Sc. program in psychology can be recognized if its contents sufficiently correspond with the contents of the module taught in Landau. Acquired study credits for a Minor in Psychology are recognized only if they are equivalent to a complete module of the Major in Psychology Program.

What you can do before applying for an entry higher than 1st semester

To estimate the equivalency of the study credits they have gained elsewhere with the requirement in Landau, candidates can consult the module handbook of the B.Sc. Program in Psychology in Landau.

For application please use the applicants portal ( - german). There you find information about required documents. Indispensable is an official verification of module exams. Please note the following deadlines for applications for admission:

  • January 15 for the summer semester and
  • July 15 for the winter semester

The Registrar’s Office will forward your application to the Psychology Examination Board for the recognition of examination achievements.
Previous study achievements cannot be reviewed and recognized before the candidate has submitted an application.

Important Links:

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  • Student service of the University of Koblenz Landau, campus Landau