Master program in psychology


The Master Program in Psychology in Landau follows the recommendations of the “Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie” (German Psychological Association) and enables students to earn their M.Sc. degree within four semesters, which qualifies them to practice psychology independently. The program is divided into three tracks or areas: Clinical Psychologie, Business Psychology, and Communication Psychology. One of them must be chosen before beginning your studies. It is not possible to switch to another track in the course of studies.

The program starts every day in autumn, deadline for application for submission is May 15. For details about application, please refer to the German version of this page. Thank you.

Attention: If you hold a Bachelor degree from a country outside Germany, please send your application, if possible 6 weeks before the deadline. Due to long processing times at the service institution uni assist, your application might reach our university several weeks after you submitted it.

Please consider the following: If you are not studying the clinical track but still intend to do further training in psychotherapy, please check the admission regulations for psychotherapeutic training of the respective federal states (Bundesländer) and/or of the training institutions and make sure that your personal course of study complies with these stipulations. We offer an elective clinical psychology module (if you are not taking the clinical track), however, there is no legal right to a study place.

Content of the program

Requirements for admission


Admission Test

Allocation of University Places

Content of the program

The mandatory core modules must be completed by all students in the master program: Research Methods and Evaluation, Diagnostics (advanced course), Psychological Assessment Report Preparation and Presentation. The individualized part of the program consists of the modules of the selected track, two mandatory elective modules as well as a non-psychological mandatory elective module, a 12-week professional internship, and a master thesis.

Track modules

The following modules are mandatory for the selected track:

Clinical Psychology:

  • Causes and Treatment of Psychological Disorders, Psychotherapy
  • Research Basic Psychotherapy Skills

Business Psychology:

  • Principles of Personnell, Team, and Organizational Development from a Psychological Perspective
  • Application in the fields of Personnell, Team, and Organizational Development

Communication Psychology:

  • Communication and Media Psychology
  • Political Psychology and Communication

Mandatory elective modules

Furthermore, you choose two of the following modules:

  • Applied Developmental Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Cooperation and Conflict
  • Man and Environment
  • Causes and Treatment of Psychological Disorders, Psychotherapy Research
  • Communication and Media Psychology
  • Web-based Research-methods
  • Individually selected / Free Workload


Requirements for admission

You are interested in studying the Master Program in Psychology in Landau? Here you find all relevant information for application.

If you have questions concerning the application process after reading this, please refer to the student service office Landau. Thank you.

The student must prove that he or she fulfills admission requirements by submitting the necessary documents as part of the application, prior to enrollment; they cannot be fulfilled in the course of the master program! The following requirements must be met:

1. A „Bachelor of Science“ in Psychology Degree (B.Sc. Psychology). If at the time of application for enrollment in the master program the student has not yet completed the bachelor program, the student can be admitted if he or she has acquired at least 120 credit points in a B.Sc. in psychology program. However, in such a case, the student will be withdrawn from the master program if he or she is not able to successfully complete the bachelor program before the end of the first semester of the master program.

2. At least 8 of the 120 credit points (CP) must have been earned in each of the courses Methodology/Statistics and Diagnostics/Psychological Assessment

3. For the Clinical Psychology Track, together with their application students must submit documents that they have completed B.Sc. courses in clinical psychology totaling at least 6 semester hours or 8 CP.

For the Business Psychology Track, the same rule applies for the courses in business psychology.

There are no specific course requirements for the Communication Psychology Track.

Have you earned a degree other than B.Sc. in Psychology? (e.g., B.Sc. in Health Psychology) In this case, the equivalency of your degree and the B.Sc. in Psychology must first be determined. Please fill in the required form (DE)  and submit it together with the corresponding documents when you file your application. Your application cannot be processed if this equivalency evaluation is missing.


The regular deadline for application for admission to the winter semester is May 15. (Please consider long processing times before your application reaches our university if you apply with a Bachelor from another country than Germany via uni assist.)
It is absolutely essential that you include an email address for future contact, because further communication will be electronic (e.g., invitation to take the admission test).

If you have not yet received your bachelor degree certificate when applying for admission, make sure you include in your application the average grade of your academic performance up to that date. If necessary, request a transcript from your university. Your application cannot be processed if this information is missing.

You can apply for this programm via the University Portal.

Have you earned a degree other than B.Sc. in Psychology? (e.g., B.Sc. in Health Psychology) In this case, the equivalency of your degree and the B.Sc. in Psychology must first be determined. Please fill in the required form (DE)  and submit it together with the corresponding documents when you file your application. Your application cannot be processed if this equivalency evaluation is missing.

Are you earning your bachelor degree outside of Germany? Please apply also via our University Portal (DE). After completing the application here, you can download the application form with your data and print it. Then you kindly file your application via Uni-Assist. It is necessary that you submit the University's application form, and, if applicable the form for equivalence testing, and hand in the necessary records with your application. Otherwise your application cannot be considered.

Admission Test

If you meet admission requirements, you will be asked to take an admission test in Landau. The next test is scheduled for July 1, 2017. The result of the test influences your grade rank. The test consists of the four applied subjects that can be studied in Landau in the B.Sc. in Psychology program. In this test, you can choose 3 of the 4 subjects. Recommended literature is listed here (DE). The test results count as 40% of the grade rank of applicants; non-participation in the test will not lead to exclusion from the application procedure. If you cannot take the scheduled test due to illness, you can be given a substitute date which is one week after the regular date upon presentation of a medical certificate. It is not possible to take the test at a later point or at another location. In the following cases, students can possibly be granted the one-week extension (participation at the substitute date for the test) if the reasons for the postponement are accepted and the student furnishes official (!) documents for not being able to participate: being out of the country for study-related reasons, voluntary social year, or work in other social or ecological agencies. Since the test takes place on a weekend, the student must provide clear evidence that the test cannot be taken on the regular scheduled date

Allocation of University Places

The maximum number of places in the master program in Landau is limited to 100; 60 of these places are available for the clinical track, 30 for the business psychology track, and 10 for the track in communication psychology. 20% of university places are allocated according to special circumstances and the waiting times (after the bachelor degree). Here, the length of waiting time determines the rank order. All other places are allocated in an internal selection procedure according to the rank order of applicants.