Fileserver / Data storage

The URZ provides several options for backup and distribution of files. For proper use, we recommend reading the regulations.


Possibilities for data storage and its advantages


1. Nextcloud

Nextcloud is the university's internal cloud service. This software enables all students and staff at Campus Landau to use a cloud service free of charge.
The storage capacity of Nextcloud is normally 10 GB, but it can be extended if requested. The advantage of Nextcloud is the ability to share data quickly and easily with others and retrieve it from anywhere.
Since the data is accessible from everywhere, it is not recommended to store sensitive data in the cloud.

You can acess the cloud via


2. Networkdrives

The networkdrives of the URZ are suitable for storing large amounts of data which are mainly intended for home use or for use by a fixed group. It should be noted, that these drives can only be reached through the internal network of the university or via VPN. Please consider: The speed of VPN can be severely limited, which is why it benefits from working at the university campus..

To request a group drive, an application must be completed, which can be found here.



OLAT is a platform for creating and managing groups and courses. It is provided by the Virtual Campus Rheinland-Pfalz (VCRP). Since the data center OLAT is not managed by the URZ, the contact person for this is the "Institut für Wissensmedien" (Knowledge Media Institute). Further information can be found here:
We recommend to use OLAT for all forms of courses and the like.