For students, the URZ provides several printers in the PC rooms. Here you will find information on how to operate them and how to manage or recharge the printing quota. Employees will find information here on how to proceed after purchasing their own printers.




The URZ provides 58 PC workstations with two printers for students in PC room II (EIII, ground floor, room 50) and 52 PC workstations with one printer in PC room III (EIII, KG, room 043).

Printouts in colour or black and white on DIN A4 and DIN A3 are possible, as well as automatic stapling. There is no page restriction per print job.

The printing costs are invoiced via the personal printing account.

What does printing cost?

In the following tabs you will find information on the print quota.

The cost calculation for the different print formats is structured as follows:

Print type Costs
DIN A4 black-white 1 page
DIN A3 black-white 2 pages
DIN A4 colour 4 pages
DIN A3 colour 8 Pages
double-sided printing double calculation
Stapling free of charge


How can I print on the printers?

  1.     Start print job
  2.     Logging on to the printer
  3.     Authorize printing
  4.     Log out

1. Start print job

To print something, a print job is started as usual. There is only one printer to choose from. All jobs end up in a personal queue.



2. Log on to the printer

If one or more print jobs have been started, they must be authorized locally at the printer. For this purpose it is necessary to enter the personal, six-digit papercut pin on the touch panel of the printer. This Papercut pin can be found on in the "Print" section.

3. Authorize printing process

After logging in, the printer queue can be viewed under "Druckfreigabe".


All or individual print jobs can be printed there using the "Drucken" button. Only when the print jobs have been authorized will the pages be deducted from the print quota.

4. Log out

After all desired print jobs have been started, it is important to log off. This is done by clicking the "Logout" button in the upper right corner. The next person can start further print jobs immediately after logging out, even while the paper is still being printed.

How do I print in color?

In order to be able to print in colour on the printers of the URZ, it is necessary to click on the button "Eigenschaften" before sending the print job in order to be able to change the colour selection in the lower left corner.


How do I print on A3-format?

By default, the print program should recognize whether the source file was created in A3 format. If this is not the case, you must follow the steps below:

Before sending the print job, click on "Eigenschaften" and navigate to the "Papier" tab. Select "A3" at "Druck auf" and check the box "An Druckformat anpassen".


How can I have the pages stapled?

To be able to staple your print job, you must click on the "Eigenschaften" button before sending the print job and set "Heften" to "An" in the middle lower area.


How do I print several pages on one page?

To print multiple pages on one page, you must select the following options:

Libre Office:

1. Click on the "Seitenlayout" tab before submitting the print job



2. Select the desired number of pages under "Seiten pro Blatt".



PDF Exchange:

In the "Position und Skalierung" area, select the "Mehrere Seiten pro Blatt" function in the "Typ" field.


For all students there is a free quota of 200 pages per semester in the standard period of study (+3 semesters). The credit will be made at the beginning of the semester. The free contingent can be collected. It expires at the end of the study period with the exmatriculation.
Long-term students who have exceeded their standard period of study by more than three semesters will be credited with the free contingent if they submit an application to the computer centre. However, it expires at the end of the semester.

The free print quota is not financed by the semester-fee, but is a service of the computer centre. There is therefore no claim to payment if you do not use your pages. We also reserve the right to change the free quota if it becomes necessary for cost reasons.

It is possible to increase the printing quota by "cashless" payment. We charge 5 cents per page. The transfer must be made to the following account:

Payee: University Computer Centre in Landau
IBAN: DE87.5485.0010.0035.0488.67
Sparkasse Südliche Weinstrasse in Landau
Intended purpose: Matricel-No. + keyword "Print".

Any amount from 5,00 € can be transferred. One day after the value date on the above account, the print quota will be increased accordingly. Any remaining balance of the "cashless" payments can be refunded at the end of the semester or study period. The personal printing quota expires at the latest one year after blocking of the access code.

The current status of the print quota and a print log can be viewed at . The registration takes place with the personal account (without and the password.



If an institute or an employee procures a printer independently, it is necessary for security reasons to register it with the URZ using the form for registering network devices. If assistance is needed during setup, a ticket can be created in the ticket system of the support center.