This page will provide information on security, most importantly about security certificates.




 With a security-certificate, users are able to encrypt their e-mails. Information on how to obtain such certifiactes via the URZ is located below.


The URZ is running a registry-service for user-certificates. These certificates are used for signing and encrypting e-mails. The certificates are provided by the DFN-PKI and are accepted worldwide.

Requesting an user-certificate:

1. Open the site of our Certificate Server and click on "Nutzerzertifikat". It is necessary to use the same browser on the same computer now, as you arge going to use to import a certificate later. Therefore, never request the creation of a certificate on a public pc.

2. Now you need to fill in the form on and click on "Weiter".

3. Check the form again and click on „Bestätigen“.

4. Now click on the button „Zertifikatsantrag anzeigen“ and print out your form. Now you need to fill in the missing blanks by hand.

5. Take the form to Mr Kupper oder bei Mr Schäfer of the URZ. Please carry a legitimate ID for verification. They are going to check your application.

6. If your application is valid, you will directly get an e-mail with the link to your personal certificate. Follow the instruction in the mail to download said certificate. It is necessary to use the same browser on the same computer as befor to download the certificate.

7. The creation of the user-certificate is completed. You will find the certificate in the certificate-manager of your browser. It is possible tp export this certificate to other browsers or programms like mail-clients etc.

It is possible to export your certificate to use it with other programs, such as your mail client.

prerequisites for this guide:

  • You need to already have applied for a user certificate. (as shown above)

Export a user-certificate:

1. Open the menu and click on "settings".

Sicherheit Zertifikate exportFF 001

2. Click on "advanced", choose the tab "Certificates" and click on "Show certificates".

Sicherheit Zertifikate exportFF 002

3. Now choose your certificate in the "Your certificates" tab. Then click the "Save..." button.

Sicherheit Zertifikate exportFF 003

4. Now you need to choose where to save your certificate.

5. Your certificate has now been exported to your chosen location. It is now possible to import this certificate to other mailingsoftware, for example thunderbird.