The URZ provides two options to solve technical problems: The ticketsystem and the Supportcenter. 



The URZ provides a helpdesk in room 48 (building EIII, ground floor) in which employees, as well as students, can express their concerns directly. It should be noted that support can only be provided to a limited extent, depending on the timescale of the solution. Please contact the support only in cases that deal with university concerns.

The ticketsystem is a management software which the URZ uses to handle problems and requests. Support requests should ideally always be processed with the ticketsystem. This is the only way to guarantee a fast and efficient processing.


The ticket system can be found at


To create a ticket, send an e-mail to support (at) Alternatively, you can create a ticket through the website.


The operation of the ticket system works as follows:

1. Click on "New Ticket "

2. Log in with the URZ userID.

3. Select a help topic to describe the request as precisely and concretely as possible.

4. Then click on "Open Ticket".

5. Now an overview of the opened ticket appears. The ticket can now be supplemented with further information. From now on, the ticket will be passed onto the responsible department in the support and processed as quickly as possible.

6. In the tickets tab, the status of the ticket can be viewed at any time. If a response is submitted, an email will automatically be sent for notification