Publications of CCRDMT



Business models for intelligent, digitalised and disruptive systems. Middle East Rail 2020. Dubai, Dubai, 25-26 February 2020

Linden, M.; von Korflesch, H.

Propelling the growth of rail services through digitization. Africa Rail 2018. Sandton, South Africa, 12-13 June 2018.

Linden, M.; von Korflesch, H.

Efficient asset management with railway diagnostic and monitoring technologies. Asia Pacific Rail 2018. Hong Kong, 20-21 March 2018

Linden, M.; von Korflesch, H.
Hot box detection: detection and alarm handling processes. The Wayside Monitoring Forum 2017 (WMF). Donawitz, Austria, 21-22. June 2017. Linden, M.; von Korflesch, H.; Schneider, A.
Analysis of public digital accident data for decision support & to quantify safety measurements (cost benefit analysis and business cases). The RailTech Europe 2017 Conference (RailTech). Utrecht, Netherland, 28-30. March 2017. Linden, M.; von Korflesch, H.; Schneider, A. 
Calculating the value of preventing a casualty by implementing RDMT. The Wayside Monitoring Forum 2016 (WMF). Hilversum, Netherland, 15-16. June 2016. Linden, M.; von Korflesch, H. 
Railway accident costs: determining the value of preventing a casualty by analyzing national investigation bodies reports. The International Symposium on Speed-up and Sustainable Technology for Railway and Maglev Systems (STECH). Chiba, Japan, 10-12. November 2015. Linden, M.; von Korflesch, H.; Arndt, M. 
Research and first results CCRDMT. The Wayside Monitoring Forum 2015 (WMF). Siershahn, Germany, 15. June 2015.  Linden, M.; von Korflesch, H. 

CCRDMT Studies




Interview study on the use of hotbox detection systems in Europe

Linden, Mathias von Korflesch, Linden

Quantification of personal injury as a partial aspect of railway accident cost calculation using an accident database

Manuel Etzkorn von Korflesch, Linden, Schneider

Evaluation of the application and research areas of Predictive Maintenance using a qualitative video analysis

Natalie Wick von Korflesch, Linden, Schneider

Railway Safety Research – A Cross-Disciplinary Literature Review

André Schneider von Korflesch, Linden, Schneider

What options does Remote Sensing offer by unmanned aerial vehicles to detect and prevent trees in the railroad track? An analysis.

Rico Bösch von Korflesch, Linden, Schneider

Analysis for the estimation of accident costs in rail traffic in Germany

Oliver Gilles von Korflesch, Linden, Schneider

Creation of a worldwide database of official railway accident investigation agencies for the efficiency calculation of safety technologies

David Schumacher von Korflesch, Linden, Schneider

Technology forecasting in the environment of Railways Diagnostic and Monitoring Technologies

Leon Ory von Korflesch, Linden, Schneider

Foundations of systems theory for the
application of cross-disciplinary methods of
technology assessment

Michaela Kowalczyk von Korflesch, Linden, Schneider

Fairs and Conferences

Past attendances

  • InnoTrans 2014, Berlin
  • The Wayside Monitoring Forum 2015, Siershahn
  • The International Symposium on Speed-up and Sustainable Technology for Railway and Maglev Systems  2015, Chiba
  • The Wayside Monitoring Forum 2016, Hilversum
  • InnoTrans 2016, Berlin
  • Smart Metro 2016, Copenhagen
  • International Rail Accident Investigation Conference 2016, London
  • Intelligent Rail Summit 2016, Naples
  • Railtech Europe 2017, Utrecht
  • The Wayside Monitoring Forum 2017, Donawitz
  • Asia Pacific Rail 2018, Hong Kong
  • European Rail Safety Summit 2018, Dubrovnik
  • Africa Rail 2018, Sandton
  • CEBIT 2018, Hanover
  • InnoTrans 2018, Berlin
  • Smart Rail World 2018, Paris
  • Smart Rail World 2019, Munich

  • Rail Live 2019, Bilbao: Groupe Discussion: Accurately assessing the commercial drivers of investing in big data technology & applications?

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