Strategic Partnerships

The strategic cooperation between the CCRDMT, the railway operators and companies from the railway industry, such as voestalpine SIGNALING Siershahn GmbH, offers a unique opportunity to carry out basic research which is a gap at the interface between organization and information technology and to position itself successfully in science and practice with this research topic. Since the foundation of the CCRDMT in 2014, the employees of the Competence Center have been working together with the employees of voestalpine SIGNALING Siershahn (vaSIG) in many areas. This close cooperation results in synergy effects for both sides. This is particularly evident in the fact that CCRDMT scientists have access to the expert knowledge and more than 20 years of industry experience of vaSIG staff. At the same time, vaSIG's broad-based contacts with many infrastructure operators worldwide facilitate access for CCRDMT researchers to high-quality expert interviews. In return, vaSIG can benefit directly from the research results of the CCRDMT and transfer them to its company through training, lectures and publications. Thus a direct knowledge transfer between university and economy takes place and the practical applicability and transferability of the research results can be ensured by direct feedback.


For our research we like to cooperate with companies from the railway industry. Cooperation with all stakeholders, from railway companies to suppliers, is of interest to us. If you see a need for research in one of our research areas in your company, please contact us. Various models can be considered for cooperation:

Cooperative theses or project internships: We would be happy to support a student or a group of students on a selected topic together with you. Also in combination with an internship of the students in your company.

Studies and analyses: We are happy to prepare scientific studies and analyses on a wide range of topics for you. These can be feasibility studies, market analyses, profitability analyses or other forms of evaluation.

Statistical analyses with GRADE: Our railway accident database GRADE offers the possibility to perform an economic analysis and evaluation of railway safety technologies. We have access to data on over 45,000 accidents.

We offer individually tailored offers for the respective stakeholders in the railway sector.

For manufacturers of diagnostic and monitoring technologies, we focus on the economic evaluation of their technologies. In addition, we are researching what further potential the technologies offer and how this can also be used with the help of new, innovative business models.

In the field of railway transport companies, we mainly deal with the analysis of the maintenance process and how the amount of data collected by sensors can best be used in the maintenance process. We focus on the opportunities that arise from the integration of digital technologies in the maintenance process.

Railway infrastructure companies are also in the focus of our research, as they are responsible for the implementation of diagnostic and monitoring technologies. In this area, we investigate which technologies should be invested in as a priority from an economic perspective and analyse how the process of data collection, transmission and use can be designed effectively.