Competence Center for Leadership Intelligence and Virtual Teams in Organisations (LITO)

LITO - the Competence Center for Leadership Intelligence and Virtual Teams in Organisations of the ZIFET at the University in Koblenz - addresses various aspects of leadership, especially digital leadership and e-leadership, and digital transformation including artificial intelligence as well as their intersection with leadership intelligence. In general, the LITO researches leadership aspects in the context of the digital transformation of organisations and new work approaches. Specifically, the LITO investigates how attitudes, feelings, mindsets, behaviors and/or performance of followers can be influenced by using digital technologies and steered in the directions desired by respective leaders. Digital technologies can be understood as the result of the rapid technological developments of the past decades in the context of advancing digitalisation. They are based on new (computer) hardware, software and networking. In addition to the classic information and communication technologies, digital technologies also include cloud computing, the Internet of Things, quantum computing, virtual reality, big data and artificial intelligence.

During the global Covid-19 pandemic leadership intelligence has become much more important, as many employers worldwide have been obligated to offer their employees increasingly flexible remote working arrangements (e.g. work from home) for reasons of infection control. Thus, the pandemic now serves as a burning glass for uncovering numerous potentials and challenges related to such arrangements and their digitalisation. 

To create a balance between potentials and challenges in connection with such regulations, leaders and followers are now required to face these changes and to adapt to the new conditions in the long term. In particular, traditional leadership practices need to be rethought and new leadership approaches need to be developed.

The aim of the LITO is to advance research on leadership intelligence in organisations, especially in companies and a focus on leading virtual teams, both nationally and internationally. An additional mission of the LITO is the transfer of current scientific results to the business sector to strengthen the interorganisational knowledge and technology transfer between research and practice. Furthermore companies shall be supported in the selective use of leadership intelligence practices.

On this website you will find all important information about the LITO and our latest research results. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our team directly.