LITO's research focus primarily on three specific application areas:

(1) The technology-mediated leadership process between leader and follower(s);

(2) the impact of digital transformation in organisations, especially influenced by developments in artificial intelligence, on existing leadership practices; and

(3) virtual teams.

In addition, the LITO also conducts research on traditional leadership practices as well as on approaches of new work as a digital ecosystem, which includes (structural) changes, sustainability within organisations and the introduction of a new corporate mindset and agile working methods.



Technology mediated leadership process

  • Use of digital technologies (communication and collaboration tools) to mediate the leadership process in the context of remote work arrangements
  • Use of artificial intelligence to support the digital leadership process

  • Challenges for leaders in the context of remote work arrangements
  • Potentials of the technology-mediated leadership process at the micro, meso and macro levels
  • Work psychological effects (e.g. technostress)
  • Leadership Development


Leadership and Digital Transformation   

  • Challenges for leaders in leading the Digital Transformation in organisations with a focus on artificial intelligence
  • Effects on the micro, meso and macro levels
  • Leadership Development


virtual teams

Virtual Teams

  • Virtual team leadership
  • Design and best practices of virtual team settings
  • Challenges for team members of virtual teams in the context of digital collaboration
  • Team development and team dynamics
  • Advantages and disadvantages of virtual teams at the micro, meso and macro level
  • Use of virtual teams to increase work-life balance and promote well-being

The following topics are currently being investigated in internships and theses supervised by us:


Title of the Thesis Author
Remote Work Arrangements in the Context of German „Regionalbanken“: Lessons Learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic Kevin Pracht
Designing an Enterprise Collaboration System for Effective e-Leadership in the Digital Age - A Qualitative Study from a Leaders' Perspective Jan Weber
Leading Generation Z in the Digital Age: A Qualitative Study [preliminary]. Nadine Kalt
Sustainable Leadership [preliminary] Christopher Simonis
AI / Algorithmic Leadership [preliminary] Ben Langholf, Hendrik Fischer, Isabel Siepenkötter, Tamara Schwarz, Nina Lorenz