International Cooperation

International School of Management and Economics (ISME) at the National Economics University (NEU)

ISMENational Economics University (NEU) is well known as one of the oldest and most prestigious universities, especially as one of the largest and top level economic and business educational institutions in Vietnam. NEU is also well- known as a prestigious research and consultant center with its extended academic publications and consulting service to the government of Vietnam on policy-making and to the business community on business development.

The International School of Management and Economics (ISME) at the National Economics University (NEU) was established on the 4 January 2011, based on the extension of the existing Faculty of International Education. ISME plays an important role in the development and implementation of the university’s international cooperation strategy and integration. The School has contributed significantly to the development of the university as one of the national pivotal universities and as a leading university in the areas of economics and business management. The international cooperation programs of the School are considered as effective channels for training, technology transfer and provision of lecturers and staff with international working environment. The School has strong interest in students/faculty exchange programs and is actively preparing for that.

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Danang Entrepreneurship Support Co, Ltd. (DNES)

DnesDNES was founded as the Danang Incubator two years ago. In January 2016 it was officially established as "Danang Entrepreneurship Support Co, Ltd.” in order to support and foster more effectively the development and the implementation of an entrepreneurial eco-system in Danang City.

DNES is the first start-up incubator in Vietnam which is funded and operated through a partnership of Danang city's authorities, several successful entrepreneurs and private sector companies in accordance with a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) investment model. To become an entrepreneurial city, Danang City considers DNES as the hub of Entrepreneurship of the city - and above this in the central region of Vietnam.

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The University of Danang (UD)

UDThe University of Danang (UD) is the largest university in Central Vietnam and it was one of the first universities in Vietnam to adapt a Quality Accreditation System for education and training. Therefore several of its disciplines have been recognized internationally.

The UD is well known as a incubator for talented and intelligent people dedicated to the development of the Central Areas and the Western Highlands of Vietnam. The university's main strengths are in Engineering, Techonology, Economics, Education, Foreign Languages and Medicine and Pharmacy. Additionally, the UD's success is a result of a high-quality training curriculum and research programs especially designed to meet the demand of Vietnam’s industry.

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Duy Tan University (DTU)

DuyDuy Tan University (DTU) is the first and biggest private university in Central Vietnam. With the slogan "Vietnamese Spirit, Creativity, Innovation, Reaching for New Heights" and "Partnering with Giants", DTU has gradually expanded partnerships with many well known universities around the world (like Carnegie Mellon, Purdue, Penn State, CalState, etc.) and has provided continuously access to internationally standardized curricular and programs to help students to go abroad.

DTU offers a wide range of academic programs, including Information Technology, Electronics, and Telecommunications, Business Management, Construction, Finance and Banking, Accounting, Tourism, International Relations, Foreign Languages, Literature and Journalism and Cultural Tourism.

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