Green ideas – online: How a strategy workshop in the MUNIE project runs remotely in times of a global pandemic

As part of the Moroccan Entrepreneurial University Initiative (MUNIE) project a seminar on Génération Green & Entrepreneurship took place over two workshop days at the end of last year. The workshops were led by Sanaa Zebakh from the Institute of Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II. (IAV) and Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch from the Central Institute ​​for Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer (ZIFET). Within the MUNIE project, the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany is working with the IAV (Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II) and the UEMF (Université Euro-Méditerranéenne de Fès) in Morocco to develop strategies to strengthen their labor market orientation. Like most events at the University of Koblenz-Landau since the beginning of the pandemic, also the Génération Green workshop was conducted online in October and November 2020.

Génération Green 2020-2030 is a program launched by Mohammed VI., the King of Morocco. The goals formulated in the agenda are based on two main pillars: The promotion of the young generation and the support of sustainable and efficient technologies. This results, among other things, in the promotion of sustainable entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector. 

The goals of the agenda have important implications for MUNIE, as the project also aims at facilitating the support of young agricultural entrepreneurs. This is particularly central for the IAV, as it has outstanding competencies in the field of agriculture and agricultural research. During the online workshop at the end of 2020, the sustainable and entrepreneurship empowering agenda was discussed in order to work with IAV on ways to promote highly innovative green technologies.  

During the two workshop days, the status quo of the IAV was analysed and ideas about how the institution can position itself in the future in terms of the formulated Genération Green goals were elaborated. The workshop impressively demonstrated that this can also be done online. The online format opened up the opportunity for 15 participants to present ideas and discuss future strategies. 

The result of this online workshop has important implications for the further course of action in the project and at IAV. It is not yet clear for how long the workshops in the MUNIE project will continue to be held online and at what time the project participants will be able to meet in person in Koblenz or in Morocco. What is certain, however, is that online workshops also provide the framework for holding forward-looking cross-border discussions that foster creative ideas on both sides. 

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