Our Institutions & Services

ZIFET includes a number of important independent institutions, which provide a wide range of special services for supporting start-up companies. Currently, those institutions include a virtual entrepreneurial campus (gruendungskultur), the School of Entrepreneurial Design Thinking® (ED School), the Innovation Laboratory (for the specific purpose of guiding inventions towards innovation), and the Entrepreneurial Office as a central contact point for all inquiries, regarding scientific start-ups in Koblenz and Landau.


Overview of Our Services

The virtual campus for ideas, innovation, and the topic of entrepreneurship, gives a summary of all services and activities of the University of Koblenz - Landau.

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A Studio for Innovation

ED offers a variety of formats for developing creative and innovative ideas into successful business models.

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Innovation Laboratory




Devise, Test, Make it Happen!

The innovation laboratory accelerates the refinement of ideas and research results of students, academic staff, and professors from every discipline and turns them into innovative business ideas. A number of specific methods are available for ascertaining and evaluating business ideas.

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Entrepreneurial Office Koblenz


From the Idea to Success

During academic studies, doctoral theses, or during a research project, one often comes up with ideas that could lead to the forming of a start-up company. The Entrepreneurial Office raises awareness and establishes a qualified network to assist in the early phases of company formation.

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International Cooperation

 For us international cooperation is no end in itself. It enables the further development and is therefore a key element of our work as the central organization for international transfer.

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