We offer a jumpstart to your business idea!

Especially in the pre- startup phase, we assist in gauging the feasibility of your idea, as well as support you in the development of a reliable business plan and, if necessary, help in the application for funding.

We are also able to provide you with a wide network of contacts and advise you regarding new entrepreneurial developments.

In addition, we can highlight developmental opportunities and work together to draw up an individualized training plan.

A personal interview is the most important tool of our consultancy services.

Prior to the consultation, we recommend that future entrepreneurs take the F-DUP personality test, in order to better diagnose their entrepreneurial potential. This questionnaire is used primarily in business start-up consulting, as well as for the selection of executives with corporate responsibility.

The test results provide valuable information regarding your strengths and weaknesses. Using these results as a basis, we can better determine and agree on which training opportunities are most appropriate for you.

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