DAAD Prize

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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has provided the University Koblenz-Landau with the necessary financial resources to award the DAAD Prize. The nomination deadline is July 15. Please note that only full-time lecturers are allowed to make nominations!


The prize endowed with 1,000 € aims at raising awareness that international students are an enrichment for the university community.

The prize shall be awared to students with outstanding academic achievement and outstanding social - especially intercultural - commitment. Eligible candidates must also be:

The DAAD prize is not designed as a research prize and cannot be awarded for a final/doctoral thesis. If possible, the prize should not be awarded to students/graduates who are already receiving a full scholarship from a German organization (e.g. German Academic Exchange Service). The prize cannot be awarded to several students.

The faculties will check the eligibility of their students. Appropiate candidates can only be nominated by full-time lecturers of University of Koblenz-Landau. Nominations have to be forwared to Referat 13 by the respective Dean's offices until July 15. In addition to the nomination form (only available in German) the following documents have to be handed in:

  • proof of foreign citizenship of the candidate
  • enrolment certificate
  • CV
  • proof of academic achievements
  • degree certificates, if applicable
  • proof of voluntary commitment

 Please send all documents to Dr. Iryna Shalaginova (ishalaginova@uni-koblenz-landau.de).

The selection commitee will make their decision by the end of July. Detailed information on academic achievements and social committment facilitate the process. The award ceremony will take place during the ceremonial matriculation in October.

The DAAD Prize 2020 was awarded to Hiba Saleel, student of the Master program Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems.
The DAAD Prize 2017 was awarded to Dariia Orobchuk, doctoral student in German Studies, Campus Koblenz
The DAAD Prize 2016 was awarded to Zuhal Gültekin-Ernst, doctoral student in Biology, Campus Koblenz
The DAAD Prize 2015 was awarded to Jihee Hong, doctoral student in German Studies, Campus Koblenz
The DAAD Prize 2013 was awarded to Sie Yung Law, student of the Master program Ecotoxicology, Campus Landau.
The DAAD Prize 2012 was awarded to Olga Okhrimenko, student of the Master program Wirtschaftsinformatik, Campus Koblenz.
The DAAD Prize 2011 was awarded to Bojana Hadji-Naumova,student of the Bachelor program Informationsmanagement, Campus Koblenz.
The DAAD Prize 2010 was awarded to Maria Lorena Yomona, student of the Diploma program Psychologie, Campus Landau.
The DAAD Prize 2009 was awarded to Gergana Itsova, graduate of the Diploma program Computervisualistik.