ERASMUS + 2014-2020

The Erasmus university program, one of the great success stories of the European Union since 1987, promotes cross-border mobility of students, teachers and administrative staff.

In 2014, this EU program for Education, Training, Youth and Sport has started under the name “Erasmus +”.

The University Koblenz-Landau has received the European University Charter (European Charter for Higher Education / ECHE) and will be able to participate in the new EU program ERASMUS 2014-2020 +.


Erasmus + provides funding for the following activities:

Key Action 1: Mobility of students and staff (within Europe and / or with third countries); common master degrees.

Key Action 2: strategic partnerships, knowledge alliances between universities and companies in order to encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship by offering relevant learning opportunities.

Key Action 3: Networks and policy support.


Current program information: please contact the EU and the DAAD website.

Erasmus Coordinator of the University Koblenz-Landau is Dr.l Iryna Shalaginova