Application requirements and deadlines


  • need to be enrolled at Universität Koblenz-Landau at the time of applying and throughout the entire stay abroad
  • need to hold German citizenship or
  • are equal to Germans according to §8 BaFöG (proof required) or
  • ·are non-German university students and graduates enrolled in a degree program at Universität Koblenz-Landau with the purpose of obtaining a degree.

Members of the last two categories are excluded from stays in their respective home country. The home country is defined as the country the applicant has been living predominantly for the past five years.

Doctoral students cannot receive funding for study periods or internships.

 Application Deadlines and Eligibility Periods

  • 1. Round of applications: February 28 (for stays between March 1 and December 31)
  • 2. Round of applications: June 15 (for stays between July 1 and December 31)

Please note that if you finish your stay abroad before the application deadline you cannot receive a PROMOS scholarship. The second application round only takes place if there are remaining fundings. As this is indeed the case in 2021, you are welcome to apply until June 15.

Only stays abroad until the end of the year of the application are eligible for funding. Even if the stay abroad lasts into the following year, funding can only be granted for the months of the first year. In general stays abroad can be funded for up to 6 months per study cycle, depending on the funding line.

Selection Criteria and Procedure

 PROMOS scholarships are allocated according to academic qualification and personal suitability. After handing in the application the documents will be checked for completeness, before a selection committee consisting of members of the university will evaluate the content by the help of a scoring system.

Your academic qualification, intent and purpose of the project and relevant knowledge of the host country’s working language will be given a weighting of 75%, while the remaining 25% will be applied to social commitment.

Applications for stays at partner universities (see list) and for mandatory internships will be given priority.

A decision can be expected by the end of March (applications until January 31) or end of July (.applications until June 15). The decision will be communicated to the applicants in written form. There is no entitlement to a PROMOS scholarship.