Questions on PROMOS? Please take a look at our FAQ before sending an individual enquiry.

The amount of the PROMOS scholarship consists of a monthly scholarship rate to partly cover subsistence costs (350 €, 450 € or 550 €) and/or a travel allowance. The country-specific scholarship rates are established by the DAAD. The selection committee decides on the funding of each candidate based on the quantity of applications and the available funds. In most cases successful applicants will receive a scholarship that consists of a travel allowance as well as monthly payments for a part of their stay abroad. The rates for the year 2021 are listed here. (columns: „Teilstipendium Aufenthalt“ and „Teilstipendium Mobilität“).

Students can be funded several times during one study cycle (e.g. Bachelor). However, the maximum funding period is six months. Stays abroad in different countries are possible. With the start of a new study cycle (e.g. Master) you can submit a new PROMOS application for up to six months. There is no funding limit regarding participation in study and competition trips.

As long as you are still abroad for academic puposes at the time of the application deadline and have not yet returned to Germany, you can be funded with retroactive effect. This includes the travel allowance. The process is made a lot easier for us if you submit your application before going abroad.

Bachelor students need to submit their school leaving certificate, while Master students submit their Bachelor certificate.

Internships that fit into the special funding programs of the DAAD are excluded from PROMOS funding. These are internships at international organizations (e.g. the UN), EU institutions, bodies and organizations which administer EU programs, diplomatic missions of Germany, the German Humanities Institutes, the Goethe Institutes, the German Archaeological Institute and the German schools abroad.

The type and the purpose of your grant determine whether you are allowed to combine it with a PROMOS scholarship for your stay abroad. Other DAAD scholarships (e.g. Lehramt.International) cannot be combined with PROMOS. The scholarship „Deutschlandstipendium“ as well as BAföG grants for studies abroad can be combined with PROMOS. Further privately funded scholarships can also be combined with PROMOS. Scholarships paid from German public funds can only be combined with PROMOS if the two scholarships have different purposes. For example, if you already receive a travel allowance from public funds you are not allowed to receive the PROMOS travel allowance. However, you would still be eligible for monthly scholarship payments. You will have to notify the BAföG office and other scholarship providers about your PROMOS scholarship if you apply for further funding.

Please inform us as soon as possible if you have been awarded a scholarship that cannot be combined with PROMOS or if you have decided to not go abroad for any reason. If you have not yet received (a part of) your PROMOS grant, a notification via email is sufficient. Any grants that you have received up to this point (e.g. the travel allowance) will have to be re-transferred as soon as possible. Please contact us for further information.

Stays abroad can only be funded if there are no travel warnings issued by the Foreign Office. In case the Foreign Office issues a travel warning during your stay abroad, you are expected to return to Germany as soon as possible.

The selection committee will thoroughly examine all applications. Applicants who apply before February 28th will be informed by mid March. Applicants who apply before June 15th will be informed by the beginning of July.

Unfortunately, you will have to submit a new application for the PROMOS scholarship (until February 28th, 2021 or June 15th, 2021), since we are not allowed to transfer scholarships to the following year due to DAAD regulations. For most countries the amount of the monthly scholarship rate has changed, so that the total amount of the scholarship will be different next year (please see: What is the amount of the PROMOS scholarship?). We will seek to provide financial support to (as far as possible) all qualified applicants.

According to new special rules for the year 2021 attending online classes at your host insitution while being abroad as well as virtual stays abroad while living in Germany can be funded. The requirements are listed here. In case you receive funding for more than two months and the situation improves considerably you might be obliged to travel to your host country in order to finish your stay abroad as a physical mobility. You should therefore be willing to go abroad. The travel allowance can only be paid in case you do go abroad for a physical stay. Please inform us if you are planning a virtual mobility. You are welcome to contact us in case you have any questions.

Further information will be provided by your International Office on campus or by Dr. Iryna Shalaginova at the President‘s office in Mainz. See here for contact information.