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Forms for the ERASMUS+ Program


ERASMUS Studen Charter in German and in English

ERASMUS leaflet to all important deadlines and documents to be submitted



  1. Recommendation for an Exchange Stay
  2. Online Application
    until January 31st at the beginning of the study abroad in winter term (and summer term)
    until 30.06. at the beginning in SoSe
  3. Passing the EU online language test  (you will recieve the e-mail from by e-mail through with the request to pass the 1st language test before your mobility).
  1. Erasmus+ Grant Agreement: will be sent to you by the Office of Internaitonal Relations (Mainz).
  2. Learning Agreement (Part 1, "before the mobility") with the Explanation for the Non-Recognition of the Courses (Anex I to the Grant Agreement). You need to prepare and collect the signatures on this document as well as upload it online before your mobility,
  3. Current enrollment certificate from the University of Koblenz-Landau
  1. Arrival/Confirmation Period of Study: Immediately after your arrival at the partner university, confirm your arrival with the signature of the host university on this form and upload it online.
  2. Changes in the Learning Agreement (Part "During the Mobility") have to be made within 4 weeks after the beginning of the courses at the host university and then uploaded online as soon as possible.
  3. if necessary, apply for an extension from 1 to 2 semesters (by mail to the Office of International Relations). Deadline: 30.11.
  4. Departure/Confirmation Period of Study: have the partner university issue you the confirmation with exact dates of your mobility in the last week (not sooner!)  of your stay at the host university, and upload it online.
  1. If not done earlier, the changed learning agreement has to be submitted online within the 4 weeks after the end of the mobility abroad .
  2. After the mobility you will be emailed by the European Commission to complete the EU online survey (an online questionnaire) on your stay abroad. Please check your spam folder, if you did not recieve the e-mail within a week after completing your mobility.
  3. Submit Personal Mobility Report  online  - guide fto creating the report.
  4. Declaration of Consent to the publication of the report.
  5. Passing the EU online language set (2nd test). Exception: If the result of the 1st OLS language test was C2, no 2nd OLS language test has to be taken.
  6. submit Transcript of Records of the Receiving Institution (can be replaced by a document of the partner university) online.
  7. submit Certificate of Recognition (recognized results at the sending institution) online.
  8. Submit online Proof of recognition (for example KLIPS-printout) immediately upon receipt, but at the latest 3 months after completion of the mobility. 


If you have neither submitted the required documents by the above mentioned dates nor provided us explanation for missing the dates, you will be excluded from the payment of the second grant installment and will have to repay the entire already paid mobility grant. According to Erasmus regulations (grant agreement) only students, who have submitted all mandatory documents, are eligible for funding.