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ERASMUS+ internships

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ERASMUS+ also promotes internships for students in host institutions in Europe (except EU- institutions or institutions that manage EU-programs and diplomatic missions of countries of origin of the student).

Students can gain work experience in an international environment and improve their key skills such as communication and cooperation skills, openness and understanding for other cultures and markets.

 Funding is available for internships or voluntary internships between three to twelve months.

 The program offers students the following services:

  • Monthly allowance (around 350 euros)
  • EU internship agreement between the university, businesses and students
  • Assistance in the preparation of the stay abroad, while attending a preparatory ERASMUS+ Intensive Language Course in so-called less frequently spoken languages
  • Coaching during the internship by a respective contact person in the home university and the company
  • Recognition of the achievements accomplished abroad

The internship can be completed by students of all disciplines in the 27 EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Croatia and Switzerland.

Students of the University Koblenz- Landau are asked to apply directly to the EU Service Point. Applications are possible at any time. We recommend early contact with the counselors of the EU Service Point.


The EU Service Point is a joint institution of five universities in Rhineland-Palatinate:

  • Technical University Kaiserslautern
  • University Koblenz -Landau
  • University of Applied Sciences Mainz
  • Catholic University of Applied Sciences Mainz
  • Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz


The EU Service Point is responsible for the allocation of scholarships and supports students who want an ERASMUS+ internship at

  • Preparation - linguistic, cultural, organizational
  • Monitoring and quality control
  • Evaluation of internships