Accommodation offers

You can either apply for one of the apartments in the halls of residence or look for accommodation on the private housing market.

Master's students in our english-taught master's programs can apply for one of the single apartments reserved for international students (subject to availability). If you decide for this option, please note that your stay there is limited to six months, for the duration of one semester, that is to say, from October until April or from April until September




The Student Services („Studierendenwerk“) are an independent organisation which runs most of the dormitories in Germany. The University of Koblenz-Landau works closely together with the Studierendenwerk in Koblenz and Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz in Landau.

Every semester we reserve a small number of single apartments exclusively for international master's students for the following programs:

  • Ecotoxicology
  • Environmental Sciences

The application for these apartments is dealt with by the local Welcome Centers in Koblenz and Landau. This reservation service is for international master's students only, as it is more difficult to organise accommodation from abroad. German students need to apply to the Studierendenwerk directly.


In Landau the monthly rent amounts to 310-325€ for an apartment (including bills and internet).

In Koblenz the monthly rent amounts to 290 € (including bills and internet).


Remember: The early bird catches the worm! Therefore, please apply as early as possible since the number of rooms is limited and we allocate rooms on a first-come-first-served basis!


There are certain terms and conditions that you have to agree with when applying for an apartment of the Studierendenwerk:

  • As to the regulations of the Studierendenwerk, apartments can only be offered to applicants that are younger than 33 years.
  • Only students from abroad can apply for an apartment through the Welcome Center.
  • Only a limited number of single apartments is available. We cannot guarantee rooms for all new students. The apartments can not be shared by two or more students.
  • The apartments can only be rented for one whole semester, i.e. from 1. October until 31. March (winter term) or from 1. April until 30. September (summer term). You will have to pay for the full period of 6 months, even if you arrive later or leave earlier. As the rental period is six months only, during this time you will have to look for alternative accommodation outside the halls.
  • If an apartment is offered to a student and the student accepts the offer, the apartment will be reserved for him/her and the contract is closed. Please note that the contract is binding and you will have to pay the rent and security deposit regardless if you are coming to Germany or not.
  • The final lease agreement will be made between the applicant and the Studierendenwerk. The University is not involved or liable in this agreement.
  • Enrollment at the University of Koblenz-Landau is required for renting an apartment at the Studierendenwerk. After moving in, you must enrol as soon as possible and hand in your enrollment certificate at the Studierendenwerk. Deadlines for handing in certificates are 15. November (winter term) and 15. May (summer term).
  • The Studierendenwerk offers a starter package to every student moving into a hall of residence against a fee, both in Koblenz and Landau. Detailed information for Campus Koblenz can be found here
  • Students staying in a hall of residence have to pay a cleaning fee of 80 € for the final cleaning at the end of their stay. Regular weekly cleaning during the semester has to be done by the students themselves.
  • Tenancy deposit has to be paid before moving in (400€ in Landau, 600€ in Koblenz) as a security for possible damages. It will be returned after moving out, if there is no damage or rent owed.

Please note!

If you bring a partner or/and family who are not enrolled at the University of Koblenz-Landau, you cannot apply for an accommodation in the student halls of residence. In this case please look for an accommodation on the private housing market!


If you are an international master's student and interested in an apartment of the Studierendenwerk, please write an e-mail to the points of contact you find below:


  • The application procedure for Koblenz:

Please  complete and submit the online form:

Please do not forget to confirm your application after receiving a first email by the Koblenz Student Organization/ Studierendenwerk Koblenz.


  • For applications in Landau, please contact Ms Manuela Roth, Welcome Center Landau ( and provide the following information:

Your full name

Your uni-assist applicant number

The master's program you applied for

Do you need a visa? If yes, state the date of your visa interview (mandatory)



In Koblenz there are three private dormitories:

In Landau you can apply in one private hall of residence:

If your application for the Studierendenwerk was not successful or if you prefer a different type of accommodation, please check carefully this section.


Many students in Germany live in shared flats. It's less expensive, practical (you share not only the costs, but also household chores) and you always have someone to talk to.

Unfortunately, it's rather difficult to get a room, especially from abroad. We advice you to start your search early and get in contact with as many advertisers as you can.

Please be aware that most accommodation in Germany is rented out without furniture. This means an unfurnished apartment sometimes does not even have a fitted kitchen. Therefore, please always double check if the apartment is furnished or what furniture is included.

The rent mentioned in the advertisment often doesn't include heating, electricity and Internet costs, please check carefully what additional costs come on the top (Kaltmiete/Warmmiete/Inlusivmiete).

The most of the flat owners levy a tenancy deposit (which can amount up to three monthly rents) to cover possible damages. You get it back when moving out if there is no damage or rent owed.


Here are some links that might help you with your search for accommodation on the private housing market. Please consider applying for several accommodations at once to have a plan B. (basic information given in English) (in German) (in German)


You can also have a look on the Facebook website of the relevant study program:

Web Science on Facebook

Facebook group for Landau

or Facebook groups connected with accommodation search:

"WG & Wohnung Koblenz gesucht"

"Immobilienmarkt Koblenz und Umgebung"

“Wohnung Landau und Umgebung”


Student Service Organisation in Koblenz publishes also some private room offers:

Wohnungsbörse Koblenz


If you search for an accommodation on the private housing market from abroad, please also be cautious. Unfortunately, there is also fraud possible. Sometimes there are online ads for apartments which do not even exist.


Please be cautious if…

  • you are asked to transfer money via Western Union or to arrange similar international transfers (this usually means that it is extremely difficult to track those people who received the money); this kind of requests are very often fraud attemps!
  • the landlord says he will send the keys via mail. This is not common in Germany. Usually, you receive the keys when you have arrived and move in.
  • the landlord does not agree to arrange a viewing.
  • the offer looks too good to be true (modern, furnished apartment for some 150€ can't exist, average price for a single room in Koblenz or Landau is 300-350€).


As a temporary solution you can choose to stay in a hostel, couch surfing or in a vacation house or apartment. You can find them here:


 Please check also the section about flat rental and flat moving.