Degree Completion Scholarships

 The International Relations Office is able to provide financial support for students using sponsorship funds from the Stipendienstiftung Rheinland-Pfalz.

The scholarships are only awarded to students who have achieved good or very good grades and who are in the final stages of their degree (only Master). Applications are accepted from students who are likely to graduate within a maximum of two semesters based on their previously achieved grades. The scholarship support ends at the end of the month in which the scholarship holder has their last exam or submits their final dissertation.


Application Deadline

26th of July


Who can apply?

Applications are accepted from students who…

  • are not of German nationality,
  • are registered at campus Koblenz at University of Koblenz-Landau, enrolled in a Master’s degree programme
  • are in the final phase of their degree,
  • achieved good or very good grades and
  • need financial support.


Applications are NOT accepted from students who…

  • are enrolled in a Bachelor's degree programme
  • are exchange students or short-term students at University of Koblenz-Landau
  • are registered only to acquire an academic certificate
  • are of German nationality or who have completed their higher education entrance qualification or their under-graduate studies in Germany
  • receive BAföG payments
  • receive a full or partial scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service or any other organisation
  • are planning to complete a study programme or work placement abroad during the funding period
  • shift their centre of life to their home country during the funding period


Value of the scholarship:

  • between 250 and 300 Euros per month


Scholarship period:

  • period of support: maximum 6 months


Application Procedure

Application Documents for all Applicants:

  • properly completed, printed and signed application form
  • reference letter from your supervisor to be submitted directly to the International Relations Office
  • current certificate of enrolment at University of Koblenz-Landau
  • evidence of completed modules/courses and exams (KLIPS-Statement)
  • CV (max. 2 pages)
  • copy of passport or identity card
  • evidence of the financing of your studies: In order to be able to compare your financial situation to those of other applicants, bank statements (last 3 months) are an essential part of your application. The debits from your accounts have to show how you finance your cost of living (rent, groceries, insurance etc.)
  • confirmation of registration of the title of your Master Thesis. If you have not yet registered your thesis, please hand in a written confirmation from your thesis supervisor that contains the expected submission date of your thesis.
  • provisional timeline for the completion of your degree (in monthly steps, max. 1 page)
  • confirmation of volunteer activities, if applicable, e.g., buddy certificate and/or a description of your extracurricular activities and contribution to the social and cultural events organised by the International Relations Office/ Welcome Center


Selection Criteria

Please note that your application can only be considered if you submit a properly completed application form along with all the required documents in time.

The selection of students for scholarship support is done by a committee on the basis of the written application documents. The main selection criteria are (1) that the student is likely to complete their qualification within the scholarship period, (2) financial need, and (3) good grades. Voluntary commitment is desirable.

Applicants who have not received a scholarship before will be given preference.

A properly completed application does not guarantee scholarship support.

The applicants are informed in writing about the outcome of the application process by the International Relations Office. We ask applicants to refrain from contacting us in advance.

Word- or zip-files cannot be accepted.

Incomplete applications as well as applications which were not received in due time will not be considered!

Please send your application and all relevant documents merged into one single pdf file by 26th July 2022 to: