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The University of Koblenz -Landau is a young, medium-sized university. It has emerged from an Educational Science College in 1990. Koblenz and Landau are sites of teaching, research and training. The organizational link is the presidential office in Mainz, where the head offices and some parts of the central university administration are settled.

The scientific profile of the university today is formed by the educational sciences, humanities, cultural, social and natural sciences, as well as computer science in Koblenz and psychology and environmental sciences in Landau.

The development of student numbers shows that the Campus Koblenz as well as the Campus Landau are attractive as study sites. Since 1990, the number of students has tripled. Meanwhile, 15,000 students are enrolled in Koblenz and Landau. In comparison to large universities teaching and study operations take place in manageable structures that support contact and communication among students and between students and teachers.