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Get Ready for a Job

Campus Koblenz

Campus Landau

The Welcome Center Koblenz in cooperation with many local partners organises events and courses that may help international students to integrate in the regional labor market (from internships and student jobs to permanent positions).

Since summer semester 2017, the Welcome Center Landau offers a series of information sessions in cooperation with several institutions on campus as well as external presenters in order to prepare international students for the German job market.

Get prepared for the Career Day!

The career day is a great chance for students and graduates to talk to companies, to network and to present themselves to companies from Koblenz and surroundings.

 However, many questions may arise to the students and graduates beforehand, like: What to expect at a job fair? How do I prepare myself? How do I best present myself?  What is the dress code? How to follow up the interviews?

How to apply for jobs in Germany?

Students learn how to apply for a job in Germany. They learn about the Do’s and Dont’s on the German job market and how to write a C.V. and a motivation letter. Moreover, students can train job interviews with a job application coach.


Written application - Check up

Ms. Fühner – a staff member of the German Federal Employment Agency – will review your application documents and give you hints regarding the cover letter, the curriculum vitae and the application procedure in Germany.

Digital application – How to create an e-portfolio application?

Nowadays, many companies request a digital application from their applicants. They might even ask you to submit an e-portfolio application. In cooperation with the IWM, we prepare students for such cases by offering an information session about how to create an e-portfolio application with the option of starting to create your own e-portfolio.

Career Day

Huge job fair is awaiting you directly at the university with many accompanying presentations and events. Numerous companies from Koblenz and surroundings present themselves and give you a possibility to learn more about them or even find a perfect job!

Check the Career Day website and register for the events.

Working in Germany as a foreigner

During this session the Foreigners' Office will explain the administrative side of things, like different types of visa/residence permits depending on what students want to do after they finished their degree.
In addition, a colleague from the Job Center in Landau will give a presentation on the job market in Landau with a focus on Environmental Sciences and introduce the services of the Job Center.

The presentations will be bilingual (German presentation with an English translation).

Tutorial for international PhD students and postdocs

Would you like to do, or have you already started a PhD or a Campus Koblenz project as a postdoc in Koblenz, and German is not your native language? Whether you have already completed your undergraduate degree here or have just arrived for post-grad work, other international PhD candidates and postdocs have similar questions and problems. Why not profit from the experience of others and at the same time make new contacts?

Professional Photos for applications

In Germany, companies want applicants to include a photo on their C.V. In cooperation with the Fotostudio of the Medienzentrum, we are offering time slots for photo sessions. During these students can have a professional photo taken, which could be used for applications. Appointments can be booked at the Welcome Center Landau.

Professional photos for applications

In Germany it's common to use a profesional photo for your job application. Use a chance to get your application photo done directly at the university. Date and time slots will be announced by the Welcome Center.

Starting your own business! But how?

Starting your own business is a big step that involves a lot of preparation, paperwork, permits, and many more things. The Gründungsbüro of the University of Koblenz-Landau, therefore, offers an information session for international students about starting your own business and how to begin that process.

Intensive German courses

Finding a job and working in Germany is much easier if you know German language. In each semester break Welcome Center organises together with the USZ (Language Learning Center) intensive German courses on several levels. Join us and increase your chances for a job in Germany!

 Studying for a PhD – How to get started?

Are you thinking about starting your PhD but don’t know how you should set that step in motion? Are you not sure about the things you need to take into consideration when starting your PhD? Then you should attend our seminar “Studying for a PhD – How to get started” where the IPZ will provides students with the necessary information.

For more infomation, please contact the . For  more information, please contact the Welcome Center Landau