About Us

As an interdisciplinary research and transfer institute, the IWM combines the tasks of a central service institution with the research and piloting of new methods and tools for the use of digital media in teaching. It is headed by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Roth (Mathematics-Didactics), Dr. Peter Ferdinand (Management) and Prof. Dr. Michael Klemm (Media Science, Campus Koblenz). The core competencies of the IWM lie in the following areas:

  • Upgrading educational processes through the use of digital media
  • Didactics and sociotechnics
  • Knowledge representation and system development

We use these core competencies to implement a wide range of media-supported teaching and learning scenarios and in the field of knowledge management. Areas of application are university teaching, but also teaching in schools and vocational training.

A central challenge of our work is to analyze the dynamic development in the field of digital media, to recognize possible added values for teaching and learning and to make them usable with the help of an efficient e-learning support.

Our manifold projects are an important basis for this and enable the institute to transfer technical and pedagogical innovations into the teaching of the university in a special way.

We test new teaching and learning technologies and make recommendations for their use.

We advise our project partners and university staff on the use of digital media and provide educational and technical support.

Through our mailing list and at the annual Koblenz eLearning Days we provide current insights into our work.