"Im Alter zu Hause" awarded by the district Mayen-Koblenz

21.11.2015 - IWM in cooperation with the Ökumenische Sozialstation Bendorf-Vallendar e.V. developed the web-based volunteer exchange "Im Alter zu Hause" (In old age at home) which was awarded second place in the category "We help each other in everyday life" by the district of Mayen-Koblenz in the context of the tender "Good ideas for a common instead of lonely life in the district of Mayen-Koblenz".


Living as long and as self-determined as possible in your own four walls - who doesn't want that?

In the third phase of life in particular, this is becoming an increasingly strenuous challenge for many people. It is often only the small things that make an independent life difficult or no longer possible in everyday life. This is where the initiative "At home in old age" wants to reach out and help.

In the specially developed web-based procedure, users can conveniently and securely post offers and requests for help and report on them. Supply and demand meet in this virtual market for the coordination and mediation of voluntary activities. The honorary office stock exchange serves excluding for establishment of contact between offerers and inquiring and is free of charge.

An active and strong local community carries this project, which was developed in co-operation with the ecumenical social station Bendorf-Vallendar registered association and the University Koblenz Landau, Institut for knowledge media (IWM).

The volunteer exchange is available to every citizen from the catchment areas of the city of Bendorf and the Vallendar municipality.

For the volunteers, their commitment is a meaningful task which they find personally satisfying and in which they gain social contacts and experience. Especially a commitment in the field of senior aid often leads to a valuable exchange between young and old.