Aspect Logo ASPECT is a major project, a so-called Best Practice Network, funded by the European Union under the eContentplus programme. The project coordinator is European Schoolnet. The project runs from 1 September 2008 to 28 February 2011 and its main objectives are

  1. Comparing the applicability of a set of technical standards/specifications for different e-learning content, including content created by teachers.
  2. Explore the possibilities offered by technical standards for combining electronic materials and learning management systems in Europe and for cooperation across Europe.
  3. To develop ways to create integrated solutions to the needs of the European school system by combining and adapting existing specifications.

The ASPECT project involves 22 partners from 15 countries, including 9 Ministries of Education, 4 commercial e-learning content providers and a number of technology experts including IWM Koblenz. For the first time, experts from all international standardisation organisations relevant to the e-learning sector (CEN/ISSS, IEEE, ISO, IMS, ADL) are working together.