Eduventure 2

The aim of the Eduventure project (2006/2007) was to investigate learning and reception processes in digital learning games and to develop orientation principles for the design of interactive computer games for knowledge communication. For this purpose, a role-playing adventure game was created as a modification of the game Oblivion, with a cultural history curriculum, whose learning content was coded on different semiotic levels (gameplay, simulation, storytelling).

In addition to reception and learning processes, influences of the coding levels on learning, retention and transfer performance of the learners were to be examined. Based on the results, orientation basics for the design of digital learning games should finally be developed.

The project was conducted from March 2006 to June 2007 by the Institute for Computational Visualistics / Institute for Knowledge Media at the University of Koblenz. It was integrated as a sub-project into the interdisciplinary research project "Visual Knowledge Communication".