Competence Center "Virtual Organization and Engineering"

The competence centre is multidisciplinary and integrative and focuses on the research area of planning, design, introduction and testing of practical forms of internal and external communication and cooperation in the use of new ICT technologies under organisational, technical, qualifying and business management aspects.

Existing competences at the FH Koblenz as well as with the participating partners are "bundled" here with a focus on information, communication and organisational structures.

The Competence Centre Virtual Organisation and Engineering forms a research and transfer network that provides the necessary

  • comprehensive, horizontal competencies for a future-oriented corporate design and development combined with
  • special, vertical competences and service offers in the field of the concrete application of (web-based) information systems

Thus, in the future, corresponding research activities will be (and will continue to be) carried out primarily by networked research groups from the competence center.