RadioActive Europe


The project Radioactive Europe is funded by the EU within the framework of the cross-sectional programme "LifeLongLearning". This programme addresses different target groups over several generations. It is led by the University of East London with further partners from Germany, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Wales.

The Institute for Knowledge Media at the University of Koblenz is currently supervising two project groups, one in Neuwied and one in Koblenz, each with about 10-15 participants. Andreas Auwärter takes care of the training of the participants and is available to answer any questions. The technology causes rather less problems. Besides the search for topics, the main questions at the beginning of the courses were: "How can you interact with the audience, but above all: How do I organize myself as a group?".

The areas of responsibility are as varied as the interests of the participants. "Learning by doing" is the motto when the messages of the radio producers are prepared for the audience. "Making informally acquired skills tangible - that is the research interest of the EU project" and the question arises as to which technology can and should be used for this purpose. We are still talking about up to 50 live listeners, which the server capacity can hold. However, Auwärter advises "to think big relatively quickly", as his experiences with the AG Podcasting at the university have shown. "At the beginning you talk into a stovepipe and at some point an echo comes, that can take half a year, that can take a year, but when reactions come, then there are quite quickly quite a lot of them". In addition, there are technologies that provide a framework for the expansion of individual portfolios and competence assessment, as well as supporting training and collaboration, based on "learning by doing".

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