When is inpatient rehabilitation necessary for psychosomatic patients and what are the chances?" "What services and procedures do patients expect there? How can they themselves contribute to their recovery? These and other questions about inpatient psychosomatic rehabilitation for illnesses such as depression, anxiety, pain and eating disorders are answered by the new interactive information portal for rehabilitation patients "Reha:Info".

The aim of this "virtual clinic" is to support patients in their preparation for inpatient psychosomatic rehabilitation and to increase their motivation to participate.
Exemplary case histories are available in the form of videos on the online portal "Reha:Info". Four fictitious patients serve as identification figures. They embody different life backgrounds and frequent psychosomatic disorders. Each video clip deals with central aspects of psychosomatic rehabilitation. In addition, further videos in the form of expert statements provide facts on concepts, conditions and therapy methods. Future psychosomatic patients can thus find out when inpatient rehabilitation is necessary, what they can expect and how they can contribute to their own recovery. The aim is to make patients' expectations of rehabilitation treatment more realistic and thus contribute to better treatment success.

"Our website almost completely does without text. The communication of information is predominantly video-based, based on scientific findings for the transfer of knowledge and suitable to the reception habits on the Internet. The organization of the interactive Web operational readiness level corresponds thereby to the newest state of the art within the ranges of the Web organization and - programming ?, so Dr. Peter Ferdinand, managing director of the institute for knowledge media (IWM) of the University of Koblenz Landau.

"Our primary goal with the project was it to show that today in the Internet also and straight with film virtual realities and thus comprehensive, intensive user experiences can be produced. That's why it was important from the very beginning to be able to navigate interactively and detached from a certain sequence. In this way, it is also possible to address highly fragmented user groups in a targeted way and offer video content that is specially adapted to different complaint profiles," explains Dr. Nicole Labitzke, head of the JGU Media Centre.

The interdisciplinary virtual online clinic will be scientifically supported in order to investigate the effects achieved and the benefits for the patients. This is why only selected study participants currently have access to the information platform. The evaluation is carried out by the Mainz study team of the AG Rehawissenschaften & E-Mental Health of the Klinik für Psychosomatische Medizin around Dr. Rüdiger Zwerenz and includes patients from three different cooperation clinics (AHG Klinik für Psychosomatik Bad Dürkheim, Psychosomatische Klinik Bad Neustadt, Reha-Zentrum Bad Kissingen). The German Pension Insurance Association (DRV-Bund) is funding the study until the end of 2016.