We offer lecturers and students (also in the context of academic courses) at both campuses of the university comprehensive support in the use of e-learning in teaching and learning.

The service includes didactic consulting and support in the conception of electronically supported teaching and learning, support in the technical implementation of projects and the use of e-learning tools, initial support in the use of e-learning scenarios in the semester and the evaluation of media-supported teaching.

The following services of the IWM are available at both campuses:

  • Individual advice on pedagogical and technical questions of e-learning use
  • Comprehensive support for the use of the OLAT learning platform
  • Support when using the ePortfolio platform Mahara
  • Planning and implementation of electronic exams (Ilias, IMathAS, programming)
  • Piloting, development and exploitation of new technologies and forms of use
  • Broad support on the topic of video use for teaching and learning
  • Support in the conduct of videoconferences
  • Advising for Media design for aesthetically and technically sophisticated visual teaching and learning offerings
  • Advising for students on questions and problems concerning e-learning applications
  • Workshops for students and lecturers

The following services of the IWM are only available at Campus Koblenz:


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