The IWM is particularly interested in insights into the added value of e-learning applications in university teaching due to its media didactic orientation. In this context, innovative e-learning tools are regularly piloted and their didactic applicability to teaching and learning formatively tested.
In selected courses with a pilot character for the use of e-learning on campus, quasi-experimental evaluations are also carried out to test the effects of the use of e-learning in a differentiated manner.

Evaluation of e-learning tools

Current research focuses include piloting and formative evaluation of e-learning tools:

  • Personal Learning Environment applications
    e.g. e-portfolio software, community software
  • Different e-learning platforms/LCMSs
  • Interactive presentation media
    e.g. mind mapping and cooperation tools, content creation

The following evaluations have been carried out at the Koblenz campus in recent years:

  • OpenBoard Comparative Evaluation of an Interactive Whiteboard (summer semester 2019)
  • Kdenlive Comparative Evaluation of OpenSource Video Editing Programs (summer semester 2019)
  • Evaluation of interactive whiteboards in sport Comparative evaluation of different IWB variants carried out in a teaching profession sport course (winter semester 2011/12)
  • Tool comparison - BigBlueButton 0.8-Beta and OpenMeetings 1.9.1 Comparative evaluation of virtual classroom functionalities using a scenario (winter semester 2011/12)
  • LCMS Evaluation Ilias 4.0.3
    (summer semester 2010)
  • LCMS Evaluation OLAT 6.2.2 (Build 22104) and OLAT 7.0.0 (Build 20100802) with ONYX Editor 2.3 (Build 20100518)
    (summer semester 2010)
  • Netop School
    Tool for computer-aided teaching in networked seminar rooms (summer semester 2008)
  • Camtasia Studio 5.1
    Screen capturing tool and lecture sound for event recording (summer semester 2008)
  • Actionoutline
    Organization tool (summer semester 2008)
  • Bubbl.us
    Web application that supports the user in brainstorming (summer semester 2008)
  • Mead Map
    Online tool with which users can create mindmaps (summer semester 2008)
  • Mindjet Connect
    Mindmapping Tool, which can be used via local Windows applications (Mindmanager Pro) or via a web interface (Mindmanager Web) (summer semester 2008)
  • Web of web
     Mindmapping tool with which the cooperative and simultaneous collaboration of several users, who - regardless of their location - can structure new ideas, thoughts and concepts in a mind map (summer term 2008)
        Note: manufacturer's page www.webofweb.net is no longer available
  • Wikimindmap
    Supplementary tool to Wikipedia, which primarily serves to simplify navigation through Wikipedia content (summer semester 2008)
  • Freemindshare
    Web service that enables mindmaps created with the Freemind software to be made available to colleagues, students, etc. (summer semester 2008)
  • Inspiration 8.0
    Tool for visualizing and structuring complex content and contexts (summer semester 2008)


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