OLAT (Online Learning And Training) is an Open Source e-learning platform, which was developed at University of Zürich and is used as learning management system (LMS) at University of Koblenz-Landau.

Information on our OLAT training courses for teachers and students can be found on our overview page for workshops and training courses.

OLAT incorporates typical functions

  • presentation of content
  • communication tools
  • working in groups and cooperation
  • tasks and exercises
  • evaluation and assessment tools
  • working with students, colleagues or guests





This Step by Step Tutorial explains how to register in OLAT using Shibboleth for authentication.

Lecturers will also receive information on how to obtain copyright for OLAT.

This instruction helps you create an OLAT account which can be used by everyone who is not a member of one of the universities in Rhineland-Palatinate.

You can subscribe to different objects in OLAT and then receive information about news and updates via email or RSS feed. The RSS feed can also be subscribed using smartphones and other mobile devices. You can find the link to your subscriptions in your personal sidebar. The whole process is explained briefly in this HowTo „Subscribing to OLAT News“.



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