Electronic exams (e-exams)

eExam with Laptops

Advantages of an E-exam

  • economic and objective examination of basic knowledge in exams with large numbers of participants
  • Automatically delivers quality control data for exam tasks
  • longer reusability of tasks


  • E-consultation with the e-assessment-tool Ilias
    Written exam is written online with server connection and usually automatically evaluated.
  • Written exams with software running under Linux, e.g. programming exams with Eclipse

Legal requirements

  • Module exam (grade appears on the certificate)
     have to be court proof, fulfillment of legal and organizational requirements
  • Fictitious examinations (for obtaining a certificate of achievement)
    lower legal requirements

To meet the legal requirements, the IWM provides the following resources (see below):

  • justifiable schedules for different types of examinations based on several years of practice
  • associated support resources
  • Compilation of essential information

Important note

The concrete preparation and implementation always takes place in cooperation with the IWM support team.


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