E-assessment tool Ilias

Since the summer semester 2013, the IWM provides the members of the University of Koblenz-Landau with the e-examination system Ilias, currently in version 5, on a dedicated server for the execution of electronic examinations. This was preceded by a two-year pilot and evaluation phase, after which the decision was made in favor of Ilias as the successor to Blackboard as an exam tool.

Ilias 5 is an open source learning platform that is ideally suited for conducting e-exams. It integrates a completely web-based authoring and review system and offers special exam functions (e.g. kiosk mode). Exam tasks can be imported and exported as XML files according to the IMS QTI 1.2 specification. Together with a special exam environment created by the IWM, online exams can be written justifiably and reliably.

Task types1,2 for e-exams

  • Choice questions (Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Kprim Choice)
  • Cloze texts (text gap, selection gap, numerical gap)
  • Formula questions
  • Mark errors / individual terms
  • Assignment questions3 (Drag & Drop)
  • Arrangement questions (Drag & Drop)
  • Free text questions
  • Term naming questions4
  • Imagemap Questions

1 Images can be inserted in explanations.
2 Integration of own Flash/JavaApplet tasks (created externally) is possible.
3 Assignment of images is also possible.
4 Several short answers with adjustable error tolerance for spelling.

Exam mode Ilias 5

  • Kiosk mode
  • Special print view with signature placeholder
  • Use of (multiple) question pools with random selection
  • Random processing sequence of the tasks
  • Various result display options
  • Date and time dependent activation
  • Auto save function
  • Use of specific grading scales
  • Use of standard settings (as a template for future e-exams)