Video application Koblenz

The recordings are converted with the following devices or the following software, which you can book with us:

  • Video recording technology
  • Videoconferencing cart (Vidko)
  • Rental notebooks
  • digital video camera

For more information on equipment that can be borrowed, see Equipment Lending.

We use Camtasia software for recording.

The following overview shows which devices can be used with which functions:

Video Recording Technology

  • Video/audio recordings of events including slide presentations
  • technical upgrading of the records
  • Production of educational videos

Videoconferencing cart (Vidko)

  • conference organisation
  • Integration of content (e.g. presentations)
  • Recording conferences in combination with video recording technology

Rental notebooks

  • Video/audio recordings of events including slide presentations
  • Use of the recording software Camtasia and streaming functionality with Panopto


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