Number of cases Mainz: 0 (warning level Grün) Action plan

Number of cases campus Koblenz: 1 (warning level Gelb until 02.12.2020) Action plan

Number of cases campus Landau: 0 (warning level Grün) Action plan

E-Learning Days in Koblenz

The Koblenz E-Learning Days (KELT) are the annual forum for E-Learning on the Rhine and Moselle and bring together education practitioners from all over Germany on current topics in digital education. Since 2002 they have been organised by the Institute for Knowledge Media (IWM) of the University of Koblenz-Landau in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz and supported by the Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate (VCRP).

The event takes up current trends and questions and presents them on the basis of concrete applications. A practical part invites participants to become active and gain first-hand experience with interesting e-learning applications.

The event is aimed at actors from universities, schools, business and administration.

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