Methods Consulting

Methods Consulting

We advise...

  • students of the University of Koblenz-Landau on all statistics and methods related questions and in the course of their empirical theses (Bachelor, Master, and Diploma).
  • doctoral candidates of the University of Koblenz-Landau on statistics and methods related questions in the course of their dissertation and publications.
  • other University staff with roles in teaching and research at the University of Koblenz-Landau.

Consulting Service in Empirical Research Methods...

is based on individual requirements. The service covers a wide range of statistical and methodological questions and concerns during the course of an empirical survey, for example:

During the development of a survey: Specifying the design of a survey, selecting suitable diagnostic tools and instruments, developing instruments and questionnaires, planning sample sizes, designing an evaluation plan etc.

During the data analysis: Data management, generating data sets, power analysis, analyzing data with descriptive and inferential statistical methods (reliability estimations, variance analysis, regression analysis, structural equation models, multilevel analysis, support in using statistics software (R, SPSS, MPlus).

Consulting Service on Final Theses

Should be transparent for the academic advisor in order to prevent unequal treatment as well as misunderstanding. Therefore, consulting service on final papers/theses can only be offered when the academic advisor is informed (see below).


Consultation Appointments

 *** new since February 2018 ***

Initial request: Please send us your consultation request by completing the signup sheet below. In case you are a student, your advisor will receive a copy of your inquiry (automatically).


Subsequent requests: For subsequent/follow-up requests please write an email to or to the staff member who consulted you on your initial request.


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