MTI Mittelrhein

The MTI Mittelrhein as an interdisciplinary research institute for medical engineering and information processing combines specific competencies in medicine, technology, and computer sciences of several institutions within the region of Koblenz. The main purpose is to take advantage of the synergy effects of scientific research and medical applications.

University of Koblenz-Landau and University of Applied Sciences Koblenz collaborate with medical facilities and hospitals on different projects. Research projects are carried out by different teams in close cooperation between these institutions.

The universities' contributions on medical engineering and information processing in collaboration with the medical institutions result in technological developements and lead to improvements of diagnostic methods in medicine (e.g. procedural imaging) on one hand. On the other hand, the usage of medical devices and methods (e.g. representation of brain functions) may lead to new insights in various fields of science.

The aim of the institute is a meaningful scientific gearing of leading companies working in these fields and scientific institutions to improve methods of medical diagnostics and treatment. Therefore, interdisciplinary communication with has a high priority for effective and contemporary implementation of research results for medical application.

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