Research Projects

Human Spine

Increasing back pain as a characteristic disease of the present: This working group does basic research in the field of the human spine.
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Human lower back

Mathematical Modeling of Muscles (german)

Use of mathematical tools and numerical methods for modeling muscles.
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figure 1

Diagnostis of Blood Vessels (german)

Visual segmentation and quantification to improve vascular diagnosis.
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vessel small

3D Reconstruction of Medical Images (german)

Picture improvement in endoscopy and three-dimensional reconstruction.
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3D reconstruction small

Optical Tracking (german)

Motorical learning on climbing walls: Influence of motoric and mental training on
performance (optical tracking ) and cerebral representation (f-MRI).
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tracking eyes small

Multimodal Visualization for Neurosurgery (german)

Minimize the risk of neurosurgery using multimodal visualization to optimize the planning of surgeries.
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neurosurgery head2

Quantitative MRI Diagnostics for Multiple Sclerosis (german)

Use of a modern analytical method for objective diagnosis of the disease of multiple sclerosis.
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multiple sclerosis

Model-based Image Segmentation of the Human Cochlea

Improving the resolution of medical images of the cochlea by model-based segmentation.
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Cochlea 3D Rendering