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Academy for Crisis Prevention and Civil Conflict Management


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The Peace Academy Rhineland-Palatinate seeks to promote and strengthen strategies of crisis prevention and civil conflict management, further peace research, inspire the political discourse and train those that are faced with potentials for conflict and violence in their professional or volunteer work. As a unique interface institution in Rhineland-Palatinate, it promotes the mutual exchange between academic research and civil society actors.

Press Releases
Jun 21, 2022

Continuing cooperation with the University of Haifa

From June 4-12, 2022, Charlotte Dany visited the University of Haifa. She used this opportunity to revive old contacts, make new ones and lay the foundations for further cooperation. The Peace Academy has had a close cooperation with the University of Haifa for years, characterized by a combination of research and practice within the framework of the Shared Society Program. The Erasmus+ funded stay of our executive director helped to initiate further concrete projects and also offered the opportunity to get involved in teaching at the University of Haifa and also to visit Givat Haviva.

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Jun 20, 2022

Wanted: Doctoral Fellow

The Peace Academy Rhineland-Palatinate at the Landau Campus has a vacancy for a PhD scholar (m/f/d) in the framework of the externally funded project "Tug of War - Customary and State Actors in Land Reform and their Impact on Human Security in Post-Conflict Societies".

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Jun 01, 2022

Lecture: Environmental Peacebuilding - Umwelt und Frieden zusammendenken

"What kind of a UN does it need to make peace?" was the topic of this year's UN Lecture Series at TU Dresden, where Rebecca Froese spoke on June 1st on the topic of Environmental Peacebuilding at the invitation of the United Nations University Group.

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May 24, 2022

Public Support and Illiberal Behavior of Right-wing Populist Governments during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Can right-wing populist governments exploit a health crisis? Or does a health crisis make them more vulnerable to losses of public support? Departing [...]

May 09, 2022

Demokratiekonflikte und das Hambacher Schloss

Demokratie ist nie abgeschlossen. Es muss immer Konflikte um sie geben, weil das Volk stets neue Einsichten über seinen demokratischen Zustand [...]

Apr 19, 2022

Denigrating Urban Spaces: The Working of Territorial Stigma on Chicago’s South Side

This blog post deciphers the discursive practices in Chicago´s South Side community, focusing on newspaper representations of violence and crime. [...]

Jun 24, 2022

Ist das Kunst, oder…? - Von den (Un-)Möglichkeiten aktivistischer Kunst

Kunst ist etwas, das man in gut ausgeleuchteten Museen anschauen kann? Etwas, das man sich nach Feierabend gerne in klimatisierten Theatersälen und [...]

May 27, 2022

Gegen skrupellose Geschäftspraktiken - #LieferkettenSorgfaltspflichtenGesetz

In einem Handy sind viele verschiedene Materialien und insbesondere Metalle verbaut. Das haben wir wohl schon fast alle einmal gehört. Wo diese [...]

Apr 29, 2022

Dick, Dicker, Diskriminiert - Von der Intersektionalität des Dickseins

Jede/r hat sicher schon einmal den Satz gesagt, gedacht oder gehört: "Heute kann ich noch ein Dessert essen, da ich morgen wieder Sport mache!" Die [...]