The Politics of Humanitarian Governance. Cumulative habilitation project at the Goethe-University Frankfurt

Reconsidering the Political Role of Humanitarian NGOs in Global Governance. Research project at Indiana University/Bloomington and Purdue University/West-Lafayette, IN, USA. Supported by the Postdoc Program of the German Academic Exchange Service, 02-08/2018.

Forms of politicization of humanitarian aid in the European Union. Research project at the ARENA Centre for European Studies at the University of Oslo, Norway. Supported by a research grant of the German Research Foundation, 04-08/2014.


Research Focus

  • International Relations / Peace and Conflict Research
  • Global Governance
  • Nongovernmental Organizations
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Development Policy



  • Global Governance
  • Organization Theory
  • Interactions of International Organizations and Nongovernmental Organizations



  • Resilience
  • Humanitarian Interventions/R2P
  • Politicization



  • Qualitative Content Analysis
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Document Analysis
  • Expert Interviews