High Profile Area Learning

Logo Profile LearningResearch in the high profile area LEARNING at the University of Koblenz-Landau benefits from the university's background as a former teacher training college. Today we are the only university within the German State of Rhineland-Palatinate to offer teacher training courses for all types of school.

Our research in the high profile area LEARNING is marked by a particular proximity to school practice and an openess for interdisciplinary approaches originating in necessary combinations of educational, psychological and methodological studies in the teaching of the individual school subjects. In addition our university offers knowledge transfer programs for schools and maintains venues for extracurricular learning such as student labs.

These special capabilities in the high profile area LEARNING are also reflected in the existence of particular research institutions at the university. The Center for Empirical Pedagogical Research (ZepF) was founded in Landau as early as 1971 and is one of the university´s central research institutions today. As a result, our university has expanded its research focus on teaching and learning processes for many years now and this focus povides the basis of our research activities in our high profile area LEARNING. More recently the Center for Education and Research at Extra-Curricular Locations (ZentrAL) was established, coordinating all activities concerning the many extra-curricular classrooms our university offers to schools and pupils.

Currently the interdisciplinary post-graduate program "teaching processes" (Upgrade, since 2009) is one of the few coordinated projects funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation) in the area of education. This project highlights the national visibility of our special research capabilities in our high profile area LEARNING.