Research Profile


The University of Koblenz-Landau is a young, medium-sized university with a pronounced research orientation within the thematic trias "LEARNING-SOCIETY-ENVIRONMENT".

These three high profile areas are considered equivalent and closely linked, involving both campuses. They indicate established strengths in research and teaching as well as special development potentials at their intersections. All three high profile areas comprise basic and applied research as well as various scientific disciplines, traditions and methods. They form the basis for a versatile range of studies and advanced training courses as well as a range of diverse research activities.

The university`s excellent research performance in its high profile areas are reflected in its growing share of third-party funding, which has significantly increased during the past decade, and a number of exceptional research projects. Various knowledge transfer activities ensure that affected groups and society as a whole can benefit from the respective research findings.

High Profile Area Learning

The university has outstanding expertise in research on learning and class-room processes, in particular through its close links to teaching and learning in schools.


High Profile Area Society

The university has outstanding expertise in research on human behavior, culture and society, including the use of digital applications within society.


High Profile Area Environment

The university has outstanding expertise in research on our natural and human environment, ranging from the level of molecules to whole ecosystems.


Research Focuses

The university has a small number of selected research focuses, which help to enhance its research profile.

Research Focuses

Research Centers & Institutes

The university has a number of centers and institutes with special research expertise in its three high profile areas.

Research Centers

Project Profil³

The university has set up the Project Profil3 to assist with the implementation of its internal development plan.

Project Profil3