General information about Gabon

The Gabonese Republic has an area of 267,600 km² (in comparison: Germany 357,000 km²) and 1.98 million inhabitants. The capital Libreville is home to 700,000 people. The population is composed of over 50 different ethnic groups.

The country has a tropical rainforest climate, determined by the proximity of the equator and the ocean, with two rainy and dry seasons. In the capital the annual average temperature is approx. 27 °C (year 2017,

French is the official and lingua franca and there are several other Bantu languages. 41% of the population are Catholics, 13% Protestants, 32% other Christians (syncretism with traditional religions) and 6% Muslims.

In 2016, the gross domestic product per capita was US$ 7,453 (by comparison: Germany US$ 42,177) (

Source: Federal Foreign Office, as of November 2017

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