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General information about Madagascar

The Republic of Madagascar has an area of 592,000 km² (in comparison: Germany 357,000 km²) and 24.9 million inhabitants. The capital Antananarivo has about 2 million inhabitants.

In the country there is a tropical lowland and mountain climate, ranging from variable to constantly humid. In the capital the annual average temperature is approx. 19 °C (year 2017,

The national languages are Malagasy and French. More than 50% of the population are followers of the original natural religions (animists), 8 million Christians (4.5 million Catholics and 3.5 million Protestants) and 1.4 million Muslims.

In 2016 the gross domestic product per inhabitant was US$ 401 (in comparison: Germany US$ 42,177) (

Source: Federal Foreign Office, as of December 2017

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