Academic continuing education and distance learning programs

Life-long learning


Learning does not stop when school, training or a degree program comes to an end. Those who continue to learn on a regular basis will create for themselves the best opportunities in life and at work.

Koblenz-Landau University therefore sees continuing education as one of its core tasks. Alongside continuing education degree programs there is a whole range of continuing education courses in various formats (distance learning programs, attendance courses, seminars) for different target groups.


Continuing education programs


Continuing education programs are aimed at university graduates as well as professionally qualified people without a university degree who wish to deepen, expand or update their qualification. These are usually offered in the form of distance learning courses.

To be eligible for admission to a continuing education course, applicants must hold a university degree and have at least one year of professional experience. Additionally, qualified persons without a university degree but with a professional qualification and at least three years of relevant professional experience can be admitted to a continuing education program if they pass an aptitude test. Please inquire in advance about the current regulations. On successful completion of a course, a university degree (Master of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Advanced Studies) is conferred.

Study course fees and other charges apply to continuing education programs. Participation in a continuing education degree program requires enrolment at the university. Matriculation is not required to participate in other continuing education offers (courses, seminars, etc.).


Distance learning programs and continuing education programs and courses offered by the Center for Distance Studies and Continuing Education


Continuing education programs and coursesDistance learning degree programs


Continuing education degree program in Psychology


The Faculty of Psychology offers a continuing education degree program in Psychologischer Psychotherapie with specialization in behavioral therapy. The continuing education degree program is state-recognized as conforming to the requirements of the German Psychotherapist Act (PsychThG).

Training as a Kinder- und Jugendpsychotherapeut is also possible. In the part-time or full-time degree program, participants are trained in the psychotherapeutic guideline policy on behavioral therapy for children and adolescents.