Getting to know the university

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Koblenz & Landau - a portrait of two university towns

Anyone who has decided to attend a certain university is also choosing a new place to live. Here is a Portrait of Koblenz and Landau where the University has its campuses.


Information Days at the Koblenz campus and Orientation Days at the Landau campus give students who are thinking about enrolling in a course of study the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the University of Koblenz-Landau.

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Degree program flyer

Our Degree program flyers provide you with the most important information about the university, course content, career opportunities and course requirements. Here is an overview of our flyers about our degree programs that you can download.

University blog

The UniBlog is the University of Koblenz-Landau’s digital campus magazine. It provides students with information on a wide variety of topics and events at both locations. Articles on the blog deal with subjects like current research and teaching as well as student projects. (Content only available in German)

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Course catalog KLIPS

The course catalog KLIPS, forms for online registration for courses and lectures and the electronic examinations office are all available to students through this information portal. In addition, KLIPS (Koblenz Landau Information Portal for Students) provides you with an overview of your test results and a platform for creating your own class schedule.